A Stronger Fundraising and Development Committee

Chapter 2: What would help your nonprofit raise more money this year? A stronger fundraising and development committee. The results of my survey are in, and the schedule is set for a year of articles focused on what would help your nonprofit raise more money in 2017.  This month, I will focus on … [Read more...]

What Your Pop-Up Nonprofit Nominating and Governance Committee Will Miss

Or, turning that around, why YOU need a standing nonprofit nominating and governance committee Many nonprofits create pop-up/ adhoc nominating committees a month or two before they have their annual meeting to determine new board members. And while this is a common practice - this is NOT Best … [Read more...]

New Donors vs. SYBUNTs

The Fundraising Committee Experience, Month 2 Last month I started a series entitled, “The Fundraising Committee Experience.” I gave an overview of my new role as head of the fundraising committee for my town’s education foundation, NEF. Most of the feedback I received was positive, but I did hear … [Read more...]

The Fundraising Committee Experience

Last week I took the helm as the head of the fundraising committee of a nonprofit board on which I serve. That makes it sound like a much bigger deal than it is, but as I sat down last week with 4 of the 5 committee members and 1 staff person, I thought that this was the start of a new chapter for … [Read more...]

Maintaining Momentum During a Campaign (Capital or Endowment)

I recently joined a nonprofit board, the Needham Education Foundation.  At the new board member welcome and orientation meeting, I was speaking with someone familiar with nonprofits and fundraising – he had served as an executive director for a small nonprofit.  His questions about my work were … [Read more...]

Leadership Roles in the Development Function

The heart and soul of any nonprofit enterprise is in the development function. Through the work that volunteer leaders and staff do in development, all the relationships—each and every one—of the organization are managed. This article outlines how the roles and responsibilities of the development … [Read more...]

Keeping Optimistic During a Capital Campaign

It has been suggested that David Mersky and I are the ultimate optimists. Maybe it is a firm value, maybe it is personal. The real questions are, “How important is keeping optimistic during a capital campaign?” And furthermore, "When the optimism wanes, can you still achieve your goals?" It goes … [Read more...]

Assessing the Current Makeup of Your Nonprofit Board

Last month, in our continuing series on strengthening your agency’s board and volunteer leadership, I outlined the specific responsibilities of the committee on governance and leadership development.  This month I will look at assessing the current makeup of your nonprofit board. Board Member … [Read more...]

Assuring the Best in Nonprofit Management: The Committee on Governance and Leadership Development

The single most important committee of a nonprofit organization’s board is its committee on governance and leadership development (whatever it may be called).  It is charged with identifying and successfully engaging the future leadership of the agency. Regrettably, in many nonprofits, about six … [Read more...]

A New Year…A New Chance for a Stronger Effective and Productive Nonprofit Board

Tonight—if you are reading this on January 3, 2012—begins the formal portion of the quadrennial, but, truly, never-ending quest for the Presidency of the United States. For the next ten-plus months, we will hear about leadership and its importance. Regardless of your politics, even if you are one … [Read more...]