Uncovering A Hidden Planned Gift

I recently participated in the solicitation of a rather peripherally involved 82-year-old donor of one of our clients.  We were going to ask for $100,000, when, before we could even begin, the donor said that he had already provided a $100,000 planned gift for the congregation in his estate … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons Ways to Ensure Your Nonprofit Fundraising is Effective

10. Your campaign has a definite timetable: Mini-goals are crucial to keeping the campaign running according to schedule. If you set a goal such as “Raise $500,000 in the first two months,” you will be able to stick to your schedule much more easily than if you set only a goal such as “Raise $1 … [Read more...]

Be Thankful for the Gift and Move On

While at the gym the other day I overheard a woman ask a teenager on the treadmill next to her if she had an extra hairband, mentioning that she had left hers at home.  They didn’t know each other but the teenager had one around her wrist that she offered up.  The woman took it, thanked her, and … [Read more...]

Value the Nonprofit Donor More than the Donation

Showing how much you value the person is vital at every stage of a relationship—initial engagement, involvement, solicitation as well as stewardship.  Here’s a story that shows what a difference that can make with a nonprofit donor. Martin, a leadership gift prospect who was the retired CEO of a … [Read more...]

Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 12: Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign During the past year, I have used this series to explain some of the ins and outs of a capital campaign (too see the full series click here).  I will end this series, The Nonprofit … [Read more...]

Identifying the Second Round of Capital Campaign Prospects

Capital Campaign Volume 10: Identifying the Second Round of Capital Campaign Prospects In Volume 9 of this series, I focused in on the first group who should be solicited on behalf of your capital campaign.  You can read it here but if you missed it, I will offer a spoiler and tell you that the … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Volume 9: Who To Solicit First

Last month, in this series, I focused on the capital campaign development committee- you can read it by clicking here. This week we will move forward by focusing on who to solicit first. Hold on a sec, I need to turn on my ESP. Yes, without knowing any of your nonprofit’s specifics, I can tell … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Asks- The Nonprofit Leaders Guide Vol. 8

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 8: Who Will Make the Asks No series on capital campaigns can ignore the topic of the volunteer leaders who will be required to raise the funds. Who should be on a capital campaign development committee? You.  Yes, you, the person … [Read more...]

Guide to Capital Campaign Marketing Materials

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 7: Marketing Materials Marketing materials work, as a whole, to offer the prospect information that will help inform their gift. Each piece - from a time table to gift pyramid and site page to a rendering, will help create the image and … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Results

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 6: Feasibility Study Results The capital campaign feasibility results are in! (If you are unsure how we got to this point you can read the beginning of the series by clicking here). Does it show that you can have confidence in raising … [Read more...]