The Nonprofit Leaders Guide to a Capital Campaign Vol. 1 of 12

Capital Campaigns, whether seeking $13 million or $1.3 million, are once in a generation opportunities for nonprofits. This massive undertaking requires a strong vision, a clear plan, an understanding of the necessary infrastructure, and the leadership who can guide a nonprofit from inception to … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Help Create Community

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money...but also help create community For generations, Jewish life was experienced through congregational affiliation and community center participation. In post-World War II America, membership in a church or synagogue was expected—an American value and … [Read more...]

Successful Capital campaigns Help Annual Fund Donor Acquisition and Retention

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money…but also help with the annual fund donor acquisition and retention We have managed many capital campaigns in our 24 years of service. Almost invariably, we confront the question of how to avoid cannibalizing the annual fund in favor of the more … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Improve Long-Range Planning

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money…but also help with long-range planning Recently, I sat in the conference room at a client’s office. We are deep in the weeds of a capital campaign. The campaign has the keys to success: An appealing case Competent agency management A … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Improve Volunteer Leadership

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money but also help with talent management A wonderful client of the firm’s had been having trouble identifying someone willing to assume the volunteer leadership role of the organization. The incumbent president, in fact, had to serve an additional year … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Strategic Planning: the When, the Why and the Who

Nonprofit strategic planning is often used when organizations are: In a strong place and looking to stay that way; Introducing new leadership and want to ensure the organization continues to work towards unified goals; Creating a shared vision as to the future direction of the … [Read more...]

11+ Pitfalls of Annual or Capital Campaign Tracking

I am not a neat freak. My desk often has a pile of papers and I always have too much crammed into my wallet. I don’t lose things very often, so I don’t usually worry about it. But when it come to nonprofits and their data – it is a different story. If I lose a receipt to return something, I get a … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Success – Should You Measure Dollars or Donors?

We are often asked, which is more important - participation or the total amount raised before we “go public”? This is not surprising – no organization would want to take on a large-scale project without the support of the community but no new building or renovations could come to fruition unless the … [Read more...]

The Feasibility Study Interviewee – The Confidentiality Clause

If you are considering a feasibility study for a capital campaign, you may wonder how much detailed information you will be able to learn about the individual interviewees. Unfortunately, the answer – if you are using a reputable consultant – is almost nothing. Well, nothing … [Read more...]

The Right Amount For A Capital Campaign Ask

One of the services that we provide our clients, is helping determine appropriate for each prospective capital campaign ask. If you would like to go at it with the benefit of a consultant, here is an overview of some time-tested ways: Step 1 – Create a list of prospects. Who might give to the … [Read more...]