What Your Pop-Up Nonprofit Nominating and Governance Committee Will Miss

Or, turning that around, why YOU need a standing nonprofit nominating and governance committee Many nonprofits create pop-up/ adhoc nominating committees a month or two before they have their annual meeting to determine new board members. And while this is a common practice - this is NOT Best … [Read more...]

Should Everyone Be a Fundraiser?

Recently I ran a phonathon as the head of the fundraising committee. While this was not my first phonathon, I did learn a few things. Should everyone be a fundraiser? I know that many people do not want to make the calls or meet with people to ask for money. There are many other ways to … [Read more...]

Why Your Nonprofit Board Is Not a Priority to Some of Your Board Members

A friend of mine was telling me that she wants to step off a board she joined this past fall. Two months in, that is a bad sign. I also know that she has happily served on another nonprofit’s board for 6 years – that is quite a contrast. And one worth exploring. Why does she perceive one board as … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Success – Should You Measure Dollars or Donors?

We are often asked, which is more important - participation or the total amount raised before we “go public”? This is not surprising – no organization would want to take on a large-scale project without the support of the community but no new building or renovations could come to fruition unless the … [Read more...]

Attention Board Members: 2 of 3 W’s Is Not Enough

Last week, in a meeting with a prospective board member, the valuable prospect was surprised at the minimum I had mentioned as the suggested donation for her to join the board. In the past, nonprofits had said that as long as she was giving 2 of the the three W’s – Wisdom and Work, she often wasn’t … [Read more...]

A Committee to Reduce Employee Turnover

I was looking for something and came across the list of committees every nonprofit should have on the site Free Management Library and came across the idea of a personnel committee.  The definition at the Free Management Library site is a group that, “guides development, review and authorization of … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Judging Your Nonprofit

Last week I posted 3 articles (see the links below) that questioned whether your nonprofit was being perceived in a planned way, or evolved in a haphazard and counterproductive fashion.  The articles, focused on judging your nonprofit, were brief in both their problems and solutions (trying to keep … [Read more...]

How Board Self-Assessment Strengthens a Board and the Organization it Governs

We have spent the past year focused on leadership development.  The last aspect of the cycle is assessment and evaluation.  The opportunity to serve on the board and the government a nonprofit organization is an opportunity to contribute skills, experience, knowledge, and wisdom to an organization … [Read more...]

Involving New Board Members

Immediately after the orientation of new board members, it is important to engage them in activities that they will enjoy and succeed at, as well as to acknowledge their assistance. It is helpful to gather information on each new members interests connections and backgrounds at the start of his or … [Read more...]

Biases In Development and Fundraising

Recently I attended a talk given by Rand Fishkin, CEO + founder of SEOmoz - @randfish.  He was a keynote speaker at a conference and the presentation had some long name that would probably bore most of you.  However, the speech was great. He was talking about the prejudices that impede our … [Read more...]