Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 12: Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign During the past year, I have used this series to explain some of the ins and outs of a capital campaign (too see the full series click here).  I will end this series, The Nonprofit … [Read more...]

12 Ways to Improve Your Annual Appeal Email

It’s hard to break through in email these days. My personal email account is through Gmail who is kind enough to segment the emails for me. On any given day, I will get 10-15 emails in my “Primary” box and 30-50 emails in my “Promotions” box.  Your annual appeal email is in the middle of those 30-50 … [Read more...]

New Board Member Time?

At this time of year, many organizations say good-bye to some board members and welcome their replacements. Some of you are thinking, “Our out-going board members can never really be replaced,” others are looking forward to the change, “Yes! We need some fresh blood in here. How quickly can the new … [Read more...]

Why He Joined This Board (AKA The Importance of Time, Talent, and Treasure)

I was in a meeting recently promoting 100% board participation in the annual fund when a board member stated, in no uncertain terms, that the board benefits from his expertise, he doesn’t also have to give financially. He doesn't believe you have to give time, talent, and treasure. I can think of … [Read more...]

Is Your Nonprofit A Wise Investment?

This week, it was announced that four cancer charities are being charged in a $187 million fraud case. Wow. The four charities, run by various members of the same family, are being charged with some outrageous practices. According to the article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Children’s Cancer … [Read more...]

What Your Pop-Up Nonprofit Nominating and Governance Committee Will Miss

Or, turning that around, why YOU need a standing nonprofit nominating and governance committee Many nonprofits create pop-up/ adhoc nominating committees a month or two before they have their annual meeting to determine new board members. And while this is a common practice - this is NOT Best … [Read more...]

11+ Pitfalls of Annual or Capital Campaign Tracking

I am not a neat freak. My desk often has a pile of papers and I always have too much crammed into my wallet. I don’t lose things very often, so I don’t usually worry about it. But when it come to nonprofits and their data – it is a different story. If I lose a receipt to return something, I get a … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Short Term Goals/ Emergency Fund

On the whole, fundraising is a “long game”—a marathon, not a sprint. Creating one-year, three-year and five-year plans help ensure you will fulfill your mission, vision and strategic plan. But, from time to time, you need to have a short-term plan. What would you do to fulfill a challenge grant in a … [Read more...]

Attention Board Members: 2 of 3 W’s Is Not Enough

Last week, in a meeting with a prospective board member, the valuable prospect was surprised at the minimum I had mentioned as the suggested donation for her to join the board. In the past, nonprofits had said that as long as she was giving 2 of the the three W’s – Wisdom and Work, she often wasn’t … [Read more...]

10+ Ways to Achieve Nonprofit’s Fundraising Goals in 2014

It’s once again time for a new calendar to hang on your wall, resolutions to be made, kept, and broken, and, hopefully, a clearly defined path for your nonprofit.  Here are 10 changes that you can make in development and fundraising this year and reap the rewards for years to come. Motivate … [Read more...]