Why Stewardship is Your Most Powerful Fundraising Tool Brainstorm

Why Stewardship is Your Most Powerful Fundraising ToolThank you for attending our Flash Class – Why Stewardship is Your Most Powerful Fundraising Tool – with DonorSearch.

Here is a list of the stewardship ideas from the brainstorming session.

  • Tour of the program(s) or facilities
  • Video thank you from an end beneficiary/client
  • Annual luncheon (at a certain level of giving)
  • A handwritten thank you card
  • Thank you reception
  • Phone call to first-time donors
  • Donor event
  • Thank you video on social media/social media thank you post(s)
  • New donor mixers
  • VIP e-newsletter
  • Thank-you blitz! Go in with thank-you balloons and cupcakes!  All caught on video to share on social media to highlight the business.
  • Personal invitations to events
  • Send a Birthday Cookie through the mail (Chery’s cookies are only $5 for a cookie)
  • Thanksgiving cards
  • Impact report
  • Face-to-face meeting with a beneficiary of the gift
  • Send a welcome kit
  • Invitation to give input at a brainstorming session
  • Invite them to meet the beneficiary
  • Behind the scenes invitations to rehearsals.
  • Personal note on the receipt, email receipt
  • Welcome letter to all new donors
  • Donor-centered newsletter
  • Birthday cards
  • Recognition of donors for cumulative giving
  • Recognition of donors for continuous giving for five, ten or more years
  • Breakfast with the CEO
  • Visit with donor and ask for advice
  • Thank you card from the board
  • Donor anniversary card
  • Virtual donor appreciation event

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