A Lesson for Nonprofit Boards and Executive Directors from Uber

The fact that Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, has resigned is a major headline this week.  The CEO, has been under fire for what the New York Times reported. “The company has been exposed this year as having a workplace culture that included sexual harassment and discrimination, and it has pushed the … [Read more...]

Knowing How to Listen Will Improve Fundraising and Your Family Dinners

No doubt, people have had trouble listening for thousands of years.  Sure, while modern technology makes it easy to multi-task (and thereby decrease focus on the primary task at hand), I have a feeling the cave people were as easily distracted by a future hunt as you are by your wondering what you … [Read more...]

Staff vs. Volunteer Responsibilities in Fundraising

Volunteers, while extremely valuable, can only achieve their goals with support from staff. Development requires consistency, organized documentation and a central information clearinghouse to maintain the relationships required of a successful program. Fundraising roles for staff … [Read more...]

How Do You /Should You Ask Staff to Donate?

Pick up any donor list and it might include a Head of School, an Executive Director or the Rabbi, often at a significant level. However, very few other staff members donate each year. Is it fair to ask administrative staff to give to support the organization that pays them “nonprofit rates” (Read: … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Improve Volunteer Leadership

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money but also help with talent management A wonderful client of the firm’s had been having trouble identifying someone willing to assume the volunteer leadership role of the organization. The incumbent president, in fact, had to serve an additional year … [Read more...]

5 Essential Topics for Interviews at Nonprofits

Nonprofit Executive Search Tips As many of you know, we conduct executive searches for nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to find candidates who will help the agency achieve its goals and excel for years to come. If a candidate does not work out within the first year, we offer to find the … [Read more...]

Could A 55-year Old Development Professional Save Your Nonprofit?

Are you biased against hiring older employees? More and more reports have been surfacing about disadvantages in the workplace – many unintended by employers. But what if the answer to the problem at nonprofits is not only in creating awareness, but in creating long-term vision. Awareness From … [Read more...]

Are Nonprofit Ethics an Oxymoron?

Last week, I was a bit shocked by the article on ethics in the New York Times, "In Life and Business, Learning to Be Ethical." They suggested that we are, as a society, becoming more and more unethical and need training to give us the skills to do what we know we should do. I started to wonder if … [Read more...]

Are You a Dice Roller or a Bowler? (At New Board Member Meetings)

Back-to-school night this year was an enlightening experience. My twin daughters moved into “middle school” and all that accompanies the pre-teen ritual. It is exciting and daunting, but, as it turns out, school has changed dramatically from my childhood. Their school (for the record it is a public … [Read more...]

Defining Success

A few weeks ago I attended a conference where Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post gave a keynote address. She gave the attendees many things to think about –in business, marketing and life – but one idea that struck a chord with me was about, “defining success according to what is important to … [Read more...]