3 Complicated Planned Gift Options Explained

We were, initially, hesitant to produce anything on planned gift options under the current President and his administration. Simply put, it seems that anything, including tax codes, can change on a daily basis. Please ask your donors to check with a financial advisor when considering these, or any … [Read more...]

4 Types of Bequests and Estate Gifts

Planned Giving Explained We receive a lot of questions about planned giving.  It is an element of fundraising that everyone knows they should be incorporating, but many organizations don’t know where to start. We would like to help. We are going to do a small series that will explain some of the … [Read more...]

Uncovering A Hidden Planned Gift

I recently participated in the solicitation of a rather peripherally involved 82-year-old donor of one of our clients.  We were going to ask for $100,000, when, before we could even begin, the donor said that he had already provided a $100,000 planned gift for the congregation in his estate … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Help With Planned Giving

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money…but also help with planned giving  The chair of the Board of a client organization recently paid me the supreme compliment. “Mersky simply will not take no for an answer when it comes to engaging and soliciting our donors. He will always find … [Read more...]

My Great Aunt’s Lesson: Charitable Gift Annuity for the Middle Class Donor

You may have noticed that I don’t write about planned giving very often. In part, that is because it is not our main business - we help clients create planned giving opportunities and aide in planned giving “asks,” but we have rarely, if ever, been engaged just to focus on planned giving. The other … [Read more...]

The Five Words That Really Excite Donors

Can you form a sentence—better still a question—with the five words that really excite donors? What are the words? How about: Increase Improve Reduce Save Gain Try this the next time you hear a prospective donor say, “I would love to make an increased gift in support of your … [Read more...]

Funding Tuition Through Planned Giving

Last month we recommended doing a favor for your donors and members who live on fixed incomes.  Imagine now how you can assist parents and/or grandparents who are concerned about tuition payments for the next generation.  Today you can offer a planned giving vehicle that can provide attractive … [Read more...]

Planned Giving: A Better ROI than a Bank CD

Have you looked at the rates of return that banks pay on certificates of deposit lately?  As we age, we are often advised to keep a significant portion of our investments, “short and liquid.”   Well, a one year certificate of deposit today—even at Jerry Stiller’s Capital One Bank—is only going to … [Read more...]

Planned Giving in the Small Shop – A Checklist

It is challenging and rewarding to be the sole person responsible for the multi-faceted development program of a small nonprofit that seeks maximum diversity in revenue streams. However, in order for an organization to grow and attract gifts at higher levels, a planned giving program is … [Read more...]

Characteristics Of A Successful Planned Giving Program

A decade ago I met a donor who was eager to become a Founder of his synagogue on the occasion of a major campaign. But, there was no way that this devoted member, leader and past president, was going to be able to make the minimum gift of $100,000 in his lifetime. The most he thought he could … [Read more...]