The Impact of Religion on Philanthropy: The Highlights

Yesterday, The Giving Institute conducted a live webcast titled, “The Impact of Religion on Philanthropy.” Full disclosure, I don’t have a written report yet so this is relying on my memory. And, because I am used to receiving a copy of a webinar or their slides, I didn’t even take detailed notes. I … [Read more...]

6 Do’s and Don’t’ s for Disrupting Your Nonprofit

Yesterday, I was looking at the website for my husband’s marketing firm ( in case you need marketing advice) and we got into a long discussion about the word “disruptor.” For those who have worked in nonprofits too long or have had their heads in the sand, disruptor is what … [Read more...]

What Does The Demise of Ringling Bros. Have To Do With Your Nonprofit?

What is the difference between Netflix and Blockbuster? Cirque de Soleil and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baiiley Circus?  Amazon and Barnes & Noble? In all three cases, they started out with a very similar product, or at least a similar product offering.  Now, one is thriving and one is … [Read more...]

4 Changes Your Nonprofit Can Make During the Presidential Transition

Today marks the inauguration of a new president.  Hate him or love him, he plans to make changes that will likely impact the economy – and nonprofits need to prepare for what’s coming? Of course, no one really knows.  The potential cabinet implies that business will do well with large tax … [Read more...]

How Were You Helped by Another’s Generosity?

Last week there was an article in the New York Times titled, “Six Ways to Give the Gift of Generosity to Children and Teenagers.”  While the six ways were helpful suggestions or reminders, I found myself focusing on The Family History section of the piece. “Why be generous?” the writer asked. … [Read more...]

Why Some Donors Require Nonprofit Transparency: A Lesson from Planet Aid

How does someone know if they are donating to a worthy nonprofit? Few of us who are donating to a variety of organizations take the time to do research or check out the watchdogs like CharityWatch or Charity Navigator. Recently, Planet Aid came under scrutiny by Charity Watch for claiming the … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Lessons from Beyoncé

This past weekend Super Bowl Sunday came and went with the usual conversation about the MVPs, the ads and my daughters’ favorite part - the halftime show. We, like many millions of viewers, watched the musical interlude, singing along with a couple of Coldplay songs, a Bruno Mars favorite with a … [Read more...]

Learn How an NPR Donor Drive Will Increase Your Donor Retention

Over the past week, WBUR, one of the NPR stations in the Greater Boston area, has run a listener drive to increase sustaining members. Sustaining member is the term they give to a donor who offers to give a monthly donation instead of a once yearly gift. Those who work in and with nonprofits know … [Read more...]

Is Your Nonprofit A Wise Investment?

This week, it was announced that four cancer charities are being charged in a $187 million fraud case. Wow. The four charities, run by various members of the same family, are being charged with some outrageous practices. According to the article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Children’s Cancer … [Read more...]

What I Learned About Fundraising Using Social Media This Week- Part 2

For those of you who read my articles each week, you will know that last week, in the Part 1 of this article, I talked about what I learned at a seminar on fundraising using social media. We did an exercise examining the age demographics of donors and what type of social media we thought they … [Read more...]