Solicitor Slowdown? 10 Tips to Motivate Volunteers to Continue Soliciting During a Capital Campaign

As a nonprofit consultant, I have found that even the most devoted board and development committee members have periods of time where they slow down and/or stop making calls and setting up appointments. How do you reset their enthusiasm and motivate volunteers to start solicitations again? … [Read more...]

The Return on Investment for a Capital Campaign with Mersky, Jaffe & Associates

When prospective clients, fellow board members, or friends in the nonprofit world ask whether they should consider working with MJA, I often tell them we are very effective, but not inexpensive. I admit that the answer is a bit conceited, but we are a great team with hundreds of combined years of … [Read more...]

Ten Reasons Ways to Ensure Your Nonprofit Fundraising is Effective

10. Your campaign has a definite timetable: Mini-goals are crucial to keeping the campaign running according to schedule. If you set a goal such as “Raise $500,000 in the first two months,” you will be able to stick to your schedule much more easily than if you set only a goal such as “Raise $1 … [Read more...]

Meaningful Major Gift: From The Heart And The Wallet

Anyone who has sat in a room rating prospects for an upcoming capital campaign knows that it is hard to determine the right number for the ask. We can guess what a person is worth, determine what they have given to other organizations, examine their relationship with the organization and estimate … [Read more...]

Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 12: Accountability During a Nonprofit Capital Campaign During the past year, I have used this series to explain some of the ins and outs of a capital campaign (too see the full series click here).  I will end this series, The Nonprofit … [Read more...]

Maintaining Capital Campaign Momentum

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 11: Maintaining Capital Campaign Momentum In this series, we have covered, defining the dream, determining the capital campaign goals, nonprofit consultants and architects, the capital campaign feasibility study, marketing materials, … [Read more...]

Identifying the Second Round of Capital Campaign Prospects

Capital Campaign Volume 10: Identifying the Second Round of Capital Campaign Prospects In Volume 9 of this series, I focused in on the first group who should be solicited on behalf of your capital campaign.  You can read it here but if you missed it, I will offer a spoiler and tell you that the … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Volume 9: Who To Solicit First

Last month, in this series, I focused on the capital campaign development committee- you can read it by clicking here. This week we will move forward by focusing on who to solicit first. Hold on a sec, I need to turn on my ESP. Yes, without knowing any of your nonprofit’s specifics, I can tell … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Asks- The Nonprofit Leaders Guide Vol. 8

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 8: Who Will Make the Asks No series on capital campaigns can ignore the topic of the volunteer leaders who will be required to raise the funds. Who should be on a capital campaign development committee? You.  Yes, you, the person … [Read more...]

Guide to Capital Campaign Marketing Materials

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 7: Marketing Materials Marketing materials work, as a whole, to offer the prospect information that will help inform their gift. Each piece - from a time table to gift pyramid and site page to a rendering, will help create the image and … [Read more...]